Where can you buy audio books online?
A great place to buy audio books is from Ebay, check out eBay UK or eBay USA to see the savings you could make on audio books You may also want to consider buying your Audio Books in mp3 format and there are some great deals at audible.com. Our final recommendation is the excellent BBC Shop with a huge range of popular audio books at great prices.

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Whilst hunting for audio books all over the internet, from shops to auctions, we have discovered that there is no site providing all the information that we would want when choosing an audio book. Many sites are missing information that we would consider vital such as the number of cassettes, the running time or whether the audio book is abridged.

Although this is a relatively new site we aim to provide you with all the information that you could be looking for.

Some audio books are new and some are used. We always provide information on the condition of the item.

Our books are arranged by reader, author, and by the gender of the author for your convenience.

We provide information on book format, number of cassettes or CDs.

We also provide links so that you can find other audio books that you may be interested in.

If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our site please e-mail us. We would be very happy to hear from you.

The condition of the audio books are graded as follows.

***** 5 Stars - Brand New / As New / Perfect Condition
**** 4 stars - Very Good Condition / box, cassettes and inlay all in very good condion
*** 3 stars - Good Condition / but slight damage to case or worn inlay
** 2 stars - Cassettes, CDs in great condition but case or inlay quite damaged
* 1 star - Cassettes, CDs still in good condition ( I don't sell damages cassettes or CDs) but case or inlay is very damaged.

Audio Books Organised By Author
Audio Books Organised By Reader
Audio Books By Female Authors
Audio Books By Male Authors