Where can you buy audio books online?
A great place to buy audio books is from Ebay, check out eBay UK or eBay USA to see the savings you could make on audio booksYou may also want to consider buying your Audio Books in mp3 format and there are some great deals at audible.com.Our final recommendation is the excellent BBC Shop with a huge range of popular audio books at great prices.

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Coffin In Malta
by Gwendoline Butler
read by Philip Talbot
4 cassettes - running time 5 hours 15 minutes

A gruesome murder shatters the tranquillity of Valetta. Hector, the inoffensive and retarded son of a washerwoman, is decapitated. No witness, no motive - silence.

Nobody has seen, nor heard, anything. But everyone knows that everyone has something to tell. It is up to outsider Inspector John Coffin (from London) to investigate the siruation, unloosing the intricate and passionate tensions of a ingrown and guilt-ridden society.

Condition * ex-public library box damaged

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