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by Pat Barker
read by Paul McGann
2 cassettes - running time 3 hours

Craiglockhart, a hospital for officers ravaged by their experiences in trench warfare, is the setting for Pat Barker's Regeneration. Here the poet Siegfried Sassoon, author of an article condemning the war, came under the care of psychiatist W.H.R. Rivers whose duty, as he saw it, was to return Sassoon to all the horrors of the Front, because Sassoon was sane, and healthy - and he had made a commitment. but while the encounter of Sassoon and Rivers is central to Regeneration, it is the exploration of the character of Rivers himself , the agony of the other patients and the insights in to their minds, that makes this a tour de force. A supreb novel related with chilling clarity and vivid compassion.

Regeneration is Volume One of the Regeneration Trilogy
Volume Two is called The Eye In The Door
Volume Three is called The Ghost Road

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Regeneration Read by Paul McGann Volume One of the Trilogy, abridged, 2 cassettes, 8.99
The Eye in the Door Read by Paul McGann Volume Two of the Trilogy, abridged, 8.99
The Ghost Road Read by Paul McGann Volume Three of the Trilogy, abridged, 8.99
The Regeneration Trilogy Read by Paul McGann The Trilogy, abridged, 17.99

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