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Selected Stories
by Jeffrey Archer
read by Martin Jarvis
4 cassettes - running time 6 hours

A Twist in the Tale:

The Perfect Murder
Clean Sweep Ignatius
The Wine Taster
The Loophole
Christina Rosenthal

A Quiver Full of Arrows

The Luncheon
Old Love
The Perfect Gentleman
Broken Routine
A Matter of Principle

Million of fans around the world have relished Jeffrey Archer's short stories. One of the most acclaimed authors writing today, Jeffrey Archer is a dazzling storyteller. A master of character and suspense, he has a gift for the unexpected plot twist that has catapulted his short story collectiond onto international bestseller lists and earned him widespread critical praise.

The spellbinding stories from A Twist in the Tale lead us on a journey of thwarted ambition, undying passion, and un swerving honor - to places we've never visited and people we'll never forget. In these tales, listeners will meet an extraordinary cast of diverse characters: a philandering husband who thinks he's commited a perfect murder, a self-assured chess champion who plays a beautiful woman for stakes far higher than cash, golf partners who are playing a secret game.

From London to New York to Mexico, the stories from A Quiver Full of Arrows take us on a tour of modern romance, of cutthroat business and kindly strangers, of lives lived in the realms of power and in the halls of academe.

These tales are Jeffrey Archer at the peak of his form. Wonderfully entertaining, these Selected Stories will astonish , delight, and enthrall Archer's many fans, both old and new.

Digitally recorded in August 1998 in the United Kingdom
1998 HarperCollins Publishers Inc

Condition ***
Cassettes in very good condition. The box is cardboard and is a little worn.

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A Twist in the Tale Vol 1: "A Perfect Murder" and Other Stories  Read by Tony Britton 8.99
A Twist in the Tale Vol 2 : "The Loophole" and Other Stories Read by Tony Britton 8.09  
A Quiver Full of Arrows. Volume 1 : One Night Stand  Read by Martin Jarvis 8.09
A Quiver Full of Arrows Vol 2 : The First Miracle Read by Martin Jarvis 8.99

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